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Hello, i'm Hanie. 17. I do love arts and editing coz they're my daily meal. Also a fan-ghost and caramel maniac. I'm currently on semi-HIATUS until the end of 2013. Do pray for my excellence in SPM peeps! Good result, isyallah.. amin ya rabbal' alamin.



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the starts...
Friday, June 20, 2014 | 0 comments

Howdy guys? Its have been a long time since the PMR's result had been out. Omg! There's many reason why i didnt open it up. First, takde internet. Kedai topup jauh gila dari rumah. Second, bila dah ada topup komputer buat hal. Nyirap je! Last, on dekat tab tapi internet being sucks. So conclusion is... Sheera takkan dapat edit blog ni until the komputer tu dibaiki.

The starts.. whats start dude? Ok. Tahun ni macam macam benda starts. Sheera start dapat kawan baru. Start jadi diri yang lain.

Lain macam mana? Ok. Sheera being bad person. Sheera start suka seseorang pastu tak suka pastu suka balik pastu tak. Hehehe.. Sakai rite? Well, excuse me. That was me right now.

And... i start to being more boyish in myself. Its come from Farhana. My new best friend on this year. She quite short than me but there's boyish attitudes in herself. Contoh? She's grap my boy friend collar and she grap my another boy friend's bag until he cant help but dia dah terlanggar meja tu time Farhana tarik beg dia. Agak kasar kan?

And and and......

This year i start.....

To being a one of....


Hehehe. Chillax. It have been awhile ago since i love a group of kpop which is BIGBANG! This group was a lagend tho. And now im start being a kpopper. Multi-fandom. I just like many group of korean. At first, i didnt like too much like this but my cousin and friends are the reason why im  join into it. So i just follow it. Second group was EXO! They was famous because of their song which is "Growl". Whoaa!

The member yang banyak bagi pengaruh dekat Sheera was Paida and Nasuha. Walaupun nasuha tu tak rapat but when our recess time, she always talking about exo that makes me want to know about them. (p/s: sheera ni kuat terpengaruh)

And then, my cousin or i should crazy brats. Ahaha just kidding! They also makes me fell into it. Aiguu. I cant help but join them together. From me that acting cool about k-pop now i always being i fangirl to them. Not only exo but to others group like CNBlue, FTIsland, 2NE1, SNSD and many mores.

Ok. I think thats it! Enough from me.

Sincerely, me.